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I can’t believe it. We finally have our website up and running. Its been a long journey since the first shoot I ever booked with my friends at my local comic shop back in my home town of Orlando Florida (June 2012). I had this idea about becoming a photographer, and an artist. I had never shot with a professional camera before. I could see the look and the concept in my head, but I didn’t have the experience or the technical knowledge to execute my vision. So I relied on the talents of my friends to help me bring my idea to life.
SUPERGIRL – Emily by Peterson J Guerrier   
Fast forward to today and I am living in Philadelphia and shooting on regular basis and getting better and better with each project I take on. It’s a dream of mine to travel the world, honing my skills and eventually becoming a professional photographer.
So whats Orange Krush Girls all about?
It’s about finding “inspiration”, that person who inspires you to be the absolute best. My “krush” are those people who dream big and live life to the fullest.
 This website is dedicated those the artists, models, photographers, writers, and dreamers that inspire me to want to be the best.





AVENGERS DISASSEMBLED  – Kiki Aran by Peterson J Guerrier

I booked my first group shoot at ” A COMIC SHOP” with models: Kiki Aran, Emily, and Vaneza. At the time I was working as a baristo at my a local coffee shop next to the Aveda Institute in Winter Park, Florida. I got the idea for a sexy nerd shoot with the ladies hanging out waiting for their boyfriends to come home. Chris and I set up the look of the shoot and our friend and fellow artist Peterson J Guerrier took the photos.





BATGIRL – Vanneza  by Peterson J Guerrier

As well as modeling, Emily Pole worked as the hairstylist for the project and her friend and fellow Aveda student Julie Beecher was the makeup artist.
Model: Vaneza was also a hairstylist and a student at the Aveda Institute.
Model: Kiki Aran is a experienced cosplayer and a Adjunct Professor, English Communications at Valencia College
Photographer: Peterson J Guerrier isn’t just a talented photographer but he’s also one of my favorite natural painters of all time. I’ve seen him grow as an artist and I am always inspired by his work and his tireless search for perfection and his dedication to self expression.


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