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Art and Design by Chris Tobar




My cousin, Chris “Tobar” Rodriguez, is a talented designer. He has a creative vision and a dedicated work ethic that keeps him active in his local art community in Orlando Fl.  I’ve known “Tobar” for many years now. We go back to the days of the “Culturemart” a art boutique where Chris curated his first show. Later on he would go on to become a founding member of the infamous  “B-Side” art collective. I’ve had the honor of watching “Tobar” grow as a person and as a artist. His ethics, creativity and work flow have inspired me to become an artist myself.

Chris “Tobar” has helped me bring my vision of “Orange Krush Girls” to life, by designing the logo, the website, and helping me develop the”OKG” brand.

I am forever great full for his continued support and friendship. That is why Chris is OKG’s  first “Krush” Artist of the Month.

Sup Tobar?

Tell us about your “NATIVE” series.

Tobar – What sup Orange Krush!

So let me break this down from the beginning and walk you through how I created the “Native” series.

The gas mask represents; protecting what you want in and out of your life until you feel comfortable to allow that thing into your life with the possibility of no regrets or life lessons. Once you are comfortable with the person,place, etc. you will unmask your soul and connect with them till you see one another for who they are or aren’t.

I call this “flow”, it is represented as a black liquid or colorful bubbles that act as the spiritual energy we offer from life and past experience. This connection takes time but once absorbed and you feel a strong enough connection the liquid flow evaporates and you see the person,place or thing true native self.

The uniqueness of who they are takes form in the native side, but not pure native tribe but for who they truly are and what’s makes them unique and natural.

“Native” is about my experiences. What I’ve learned and study over my life time as a human who is still learning to create it place in the world.

So whats Next?

I will be traveling to Bonnaroo in June to paint live mural and showcase my art. Right after that I have my Big show with B-Side artists at City Arts Factory June 18th in Orlando,FL.  Then I’ll continue working on a big project for Octobar, Can’t talk to much about it because there are things not finalized but I will be taking over Orlando for a full Month.