Ask Iris Explosion! 2016
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Ask Iris Explosion! 2016

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Welcome back to another episode of #AskIris Explosion!

A new sex column for Orange Krush Girls.

I’m Iris, a sex educator, burlesque performer, nerd and pervert, and I’m here to help you with all your dirty sex and dating questions.

It’s a new year lovers and perverts! I’m happy to be back on Orange Krush Girls after a short hiatus, so let’s ring in 2016 (twenty sexteen??) with a new round of questions!

How do we find a threesome partner?

Honestly, the best thing I think you can do is look among your own friends. Trying to arrange a threesome online would be a close second, and trying to pick up a stranger in a bar can be a recipe for horrific levels of awkwardness or, worse, harassment. There seems to be an idea out there that an ideal threesome partner should be a complete stranger who will ride off into the sunset (sunrise?) never to return again. You are, however, welcoming a real, live human as a guest star in your bedroom, with their own fantasies and insecurities, and a good sexual rapport comes from actually getting to know someone. I think many people would be surprised at how much easier and rewarding it is to make an arrangement with someone you already know. Or, better yet, another couple!! That way it’s an even number, so no one gets left out. Talk it out with your partner, find a friend (or two) or an online date, get to know them, and be open about your desires and boundaries. And please please please don’t forget to send a thank-you text or email the next day!

Is it best to always finish first?

Um. Maybe? I am going to assume by “finish” you mean orgasm. I am actually a proponent for de-centering orgasm when it comes to partnered sex. Instead of trying to script the timing and importance of your orgasm*, try shifting focus to the actual activities and skills themselves. What’s in your sexual repertoire? What are you and your partner’s favorite things to do? What new things would you like to try? Pressure, either on yourself or your partner, is a surefire boner-killer. Cumming is a nice cherry on your fuck cake, but you also have the whole fucking cake!

What are your New Year’s sex resolutions? If you have a fantasy you’ve always wanted to try, send that in! I want to know what’s on your dirty mind as we fuck into the bright future that awaits! Submit your resolutions and your sex questions anonymously at

About the Author Iris Explosion is a burlesque performer, sex educator, and budding sex therapist. Ask your sex and relationship questions anonymously

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