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“Take Me To Church”

I first met Luci Rising at the “Dirty Wasted Thursday” 2.0, in Old City Philadelphia. Dirty Wasted is a drunk go-go night hosted by Local MC Mike Hans.
What struck me about Luci was the way she moved her body. Its hypnotic and and trance like. Luci is a care free spirit, she has sharp focus in her eyes that cannot be denied.
We met up one day to shoot at her West Philly home, a collective space that endorses black positivity and art culture, with a living room resembling an Afro Punk Church complete with long wooden church pews and African tribal masks adorning the walls.
We mutually collaborated on the shoot concept. I wanted to use the church pews and Luci so happened to have a matching black slip and nun habit. This was my first time shooting with a African American model.
Original Story by Luci Rising: “Take Me To Church”