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The Whiskey Kitten Cabaret

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 I first met The Whiskey Kittens at a Bob and Barbaras show, a local dive bar that made the “city wide special” famous in Philly. Back then they were known as Candy Heart Cabaret. The troupe produces a free monthly show at Bob’s.

The format is a live burlesque show with stand up comedy, featuring Master of Ceremonies and DJ George Moore III.

Burlesque performances by  Beatrix Deranged, Talia Zatanna, Penny Hopeful, Bette Machete, Lady Lazarus, Scarlett Simone, Rabbit Darling,

Stage Kitten: Nora Nightingale

Comedians: Andrew Mahon, Fenris, Stucco Lobster Breadbox

And many others who help out behind the scenes, Bosco, Elyse Ostrow

I’ve watched the troupe grow and come into their own as they have expanded the line up, producing shows through out the greater Philadelphia and Delaware area.

The troupe runs as a collective. Each member has the opportunity to create their own show and are responsible for of booking the acts.

Beatrix Deranged has produced shows like Punk Rock and Burlesque and has designed logos and flyers for the troupe.

The troupe has welcomed me in as one of their own and as an official “Whiskey Kitten” member/ photographer.

Interview: Ep200!! Burlesque Talk with The Whiskey Kittens : Sex With Timaree